Option 2

    This package is designed to cater for the couple who require us to travel to two locations throughout the day. This option is only available for weddings within Hampshire or certain parts of West Sussex

    Typically this would be a home visit with the bride and then onto a single venue for the ceremony and reception.

    You may wish to begin with informal photographs of the bride preparing for her big day, up to her departing in the mode of transport to the venue. For the Groom we suggest just some fun shots at the venue before the start of the ceremony. We then move to the arrival of the bride, full coverage at the venue of the ceremony and after, both formal and informal photographs.

    Finally the reception, which includes: cutting of the cake, speeches & the first dances. Remember there is no time restriction, so there are no concerns of running over time factors.

    The basic price of £1095.00 will include a joint copyright disk of images of the day for you to copy/print if you wish. Each photograph would have been opened and received post production work for best results. You will be able to view your images on-line on a dedicated web page.

    To complete your wedding day photographs we can provide you with a range of stunning Italian produced wedding albums. Our best selling wedding album is the 35 x 25cm, with 15 spreads, giving you 30 pages available for photographs. The full range of our selection of cover options is included in the price. We suggest a maximum of 65 photographs of your choice for these pages. We will then build it and work with you to produce exactly what you require. The cost of this album is £450.00 Additional pages can be added at £35.00 per spread.

    Printed photographs will be available through our on-line ordering service. You may wish to have your special photograph(s) converted to canvas or other media.

    We can also provide you with three DVDs of a selection the photographs taken, set to music and in chapters, which you and your family can watch on television. The price for the three disc is £100.00 with additional disc at £25.oo per disc.